Nur Suflyana,15.

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Just hearing stories after stories how syria children had lost they family member and on the top of that lost their home it is just heart-breaking to hear it from a young child, May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) protect the Muslims around the world, who are suffering from oppression and wars and hungers.-Ameen Aameen Ya Rabb!

A Note To Yourself: Please keep them in your Du’a at all time, as Du’a is much stronger than anything. Realize that how truly blessed you are that your not in their shoe, and realize just cause it is not happening to you, remember just because it is not happening to you, it does not mean you should forget your fellow Muslims Brothers and Sisters around the world who suffering from wars and hungers. #KeepThemInYourPrayers & #KeepThemInYourDuas


Chicago Stands with Palestine

Dua of The Day: Ya Allah, Please help the Muslims around the world, who are suffering from wars and hungers for You are the best of Giver and Protector.-Ameen Aameen Ya Rabb!

my favorite one direction lyrics —> irresistible

my favorite one direction lyrics —> irresistible

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Don’t forget to pray for the suffering Muslims around the world. Remember our fast ends, whilst theirs is a never ending one.

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It’s easy to lose sight of some of life’s simple pleasures when you’re mired in the politics of a land you’re forbidden to enter. But every now and again we deserve to be reminded of just how beautifully the sea sparkles in the Gaza Strip, or just how high the rainbows over the West Bank’s grassy hills can go, or just how easy it is to visualize the earthy way of life in villages wiped away in 1948.

Source: Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

May Allah protect Holy Lands.

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Bulan Ramadan syaitan kena ikat.

Bila syaitan tiada, jangan pula kita tunjukkan yang kita penggantinya.

Wahai diri,
Jaga diri, Jaga nafsu, Jaga iman.

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