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A pious muslimah was using facebook and suddenly a friend request came from a bearded Muslim man. She opened his profile and was really impressed by seeing his profile. He was an educated and seems a really pious Muslim. As she was going through his profile shaitan whisper to her “Accept his friend request and talk to him he seem really pious not like other guys may be he will like you and you both can get married”. She was going to accept his friend request but suddenly she remembered the hadith:
“Whenever a non-mahram man and woman meet in seclusion, Shaytaan definitely is the third one joining them.” [Tirmidhi].
She realized her mistake and she was very ashamed of her act that she was going to disobey her Creator who loved her more than her mother. She knew that marriage is something that will happen when Allah wills and the way that leads to haram is also haram in Islam. Then she thought if he was really pious he wouldn’t send her friend request, he would have feared Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and she should not judge anyone just by looking at the profile. Then she seeks refuge in Allah from the whisper of shaitan.

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Orang beriman, bila dia bangun tidur. Dalam otak dia nak solat dulu. Kalau bangun saja dari tidur, dia ambil phone dulu nak check mesej masuk/ atau nak makan. Itu bukan permulaan yang baik.

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Headshot mak .

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not beriman enough. 

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Mak aihhh. Peluh besar. :(

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"Dhikr can sit on the tongue, but once it reaches the heart, that’s when results will show."

- Nouman Ali Khan

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Exactly my thoughts.
Barakallāhu feek @ilooveislam786 beautifully worded! Maa Shaa Allah!
May Allah accept our efforts. Ameen..

Tawwakul is not an act of the limbs—it is an act of the heart. And so while the limbs are striving hard, the heart is completely reliant on Allah. This means whatever the outcome of the limbs’ striving, the heart will be completely satisfied, knowing that it is the flawless decision of Allah.

But in order to reach this level, one must hold on to hope, strive with the limbs, and let go with the heart.

When a bird is alive it eats ants, yet when it dies, the ants eats it. Circumstances can change at any time and the tables usually turn over a period of time. Do not oppress, despise or hurt anyone during your lifetime. You may be powerful today but remember, time is more powerful than you! Just like one tree makes a million match sticks, yet when the time comes, only a single match is needed to burn a million trees.
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